IIC Vision & Mission



Journey of IIC Established

There is a very interesting journey of IIC at our institute. Few faculty and student members are continuously looking for ideas and are motivating others to organize and participate in innovation and entrepreneurship activities. The external members including the industry representative and the entrepreneur also add value to the initiatives. Through a proper council meeting an effective implementation of IIC in the institute has taken place. The institute is taking many measures in synchronization with the IIC to develop entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Diversified representation in the IIC established at the institute from industry, Interdisciplinary & Departments/ Units etc.

The institute showcases a diversified representation of its IIC. The IIC of the college encompasses dynamic and active participation of members from diversified arenas starting from Industry, Start-up Entrepreneurs, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Environmentalist, Academicians to Student members belonging to different economic backgrounds and social classes. Â

Brief mention of key functionaries at the IIC Institute

Sr. No. Name of Member Member Type   (Teaching/ Nonteaching /Student/External Expert) Key Role/Position assigned in IIC
1 Prof. Payal Pahwa Principal President
2 Prof. Anuradha Bhasin Dean(Admin) Vice President
3 Dr. Sandeep Sharma Teaching Convener
4 Mr. Dileep Kumar Teaching ARIIA Coordinator
5 Dr. Amit Gupta Teaching Innovation & Internship Coordinator
6 Mr. Risheek kumar Teaching Innovation Ambassador
7 Dr. Vishal Khatri Teaching Social Media Coordinator
8 Dr. Bhawna Suri Teaching IPR Coordinator
9 Dr. Shikha Gupta Teaching Startup Activity Coordinator
10 Dr. Madhur jain Teaching Startup Activity Member
11 Mr. Jatin Gaur Teaching Member
12 Mr. Pradeep Kumar Teaching Innovation Ambassador
13 Ms. Rashmi Roges Teaching Member
14 Ms. Preeti Singh Teaching Member

Portfolio/graphical/Tabular representation of Resource strength (human capital and Physical capital) of the IIC institution

  • Total of IIC members – 12
  • of IA – 02
  • of Faculty mentors – 03
  • Preincubation Unit – 01
  • Incubation Unit – 01
  • IP facilitation Unit – Nil

Highlight Achievements (Narrative/Graphical/tabular representation)

1Number and Different types of I&E and IPR activities Conducted15
2No. of student’s & faculty ideas generated10
3No. of student’s & faculty Innovation/prototypes developed02
4No. of IPs generated, published and granted01
5No. of Student & Faculty Start-ups/Ventures established.04
6Amount spent on promotion and awareness generation on Innovation Entrepreneurship in the campusNA
7Amount grant or fund supported to student & Faculty lead Innovations, start-ups and IPR5000/- per student
8No. of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation happenedNil

Highlight few best IIC Faculty/Student members and their achievements/ Rewarded for the innovations at different forum

Harshit Singh:A student member of IIC,worked on his innovation idea and successfully registered his company/start up in Dubai under the name of “ BLOCKNEXT LABS FZCO” on 22/06/22. The registered office of the FZCO will be situated in the IFZA Dubai area within Dubai Silicon Oasis (“IFZA Dubai”).

3D Printer :- Developed by 2nd yr student Randhir Shah

Smart Inverter :- Developed by 2nd yr student Utkarsh Dhoundiyal

Highlight selected start-ups established by students/faculties with mention of founder/cofounder name

S.No. Company Name Domain Student Name Branch Year
1 Electro Physics Electronics Utkarsh Dhoundiyal ECE 2nd
2 Bhogtech Automation Research Randhir Shah ECE 2nd
3 Growheist Job & Internship Bhavya Kumari IT 2nd
4 Social Span Digital Marketing Sarthak Gulati IT 2nd
5 Daapen Digital Marketing Saurav Singh CSE 3rd
6 Green Deeds Blogging Eshaan ECE 1st

List if any break through Innovations / Technology Developed at the institute

A Smart Inverter has been developed by 2nd yr students with some innovative features

  1. Inverter function
  2. Music System
  3. LED torch light
  4. Gaming
  5. Password protected usages (Child lock protection)

Participation of IIC-institute in various programs of Central and Stage Govt. Highlighting specially for the schemes or programs

  1. ARIIA – Nil
  2. NISP Adoption Status- Nil
  3. SIH- Participated 3 student teams and qualified for Finals in software addition

Participation of IIC-institute in various programs of Central and Stage Govt. Highlighting specially for the schemes or programs

  1. Twitter: @IicBpit
  2. Instagram: iicbpit
  3. Facebook page: IIC BPIT

Testimonials from IIC members and external about IIC institute and IIC of MoE’s Innovation Cell


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